Project List (partial)

& Obtained
Ridley Place, Santa Rosa 10 SFD/Duplex
Deerbrook, Santa Rosa 36 SFD
Coffey Tree I, Santa Rosa 17 SFD/Duplex
Coffey Tree II, Santa Rosa 10 SFD
Wells Fargo Mortgage, Santa Rosa Commercial Site
Wind Mill P.U.D., Santa Rosa 88 PUD
Rincon Meadows, Santa Rosa 18 SFD, 1 Lower-Income Duplex
Pioneer 2000, Santa Rosa 176 apartments
Marlow Apartments, Santa Rosa 144 apartments
Shadow Creek, Santa Rosa 186 apartments
Woodside Meadows, Santa Rosa 18 estate lots
Bennett Valley Meadows, Santa Rosa 16 SFD
Coffey Creek, Santa Rosa 220 apartments, 35,000 SF commercial
Spring Lake Estates, Santa Rosa 30 SFD, 2 Duplex Lot Sale
Middletown Square, Middletown 80 SFD
Wardlaw Subdivision, Middletown 20 SFD
Cotati I, Cotati 67 SFD
Cotati II, Cotati 16 SFD Lot Sale
Montecito Glen, Santa Rosa 33 SFD
Parkside Subdivision 17 SFD
The Downtown Apartments, Santa Rosa 33 low-income apartments and 8,000 SF office
Sun Leaf, Santa Rosa 33 PUD
St Francis Place, Santa Rosa 88 SFD
Bennet Valley Creek, Santa Rosa 24 SFD
Cottage Place, Santa Rosa 7 SFD
Mark West Commons, Santa Rosa 44 attached SFD
Nielson Estates 14 Duplexes
Redwood Hill Estates, Santa Rosa 16 Estate Lots
West Terrace, Spokane WA 200 Lots Lot Sale
St. Francis Knolls, Santa Rosa 20 estate lots Lot Sale
Park Place, Santa Rosa 28 apartments
Railroad Square Terrace, Santa Rosa 29 Condominiums and 7000 SF commercial
200 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa 40,000 SF of office and retail
201 Third Street 5,600 SF of retail
North Village I, Santa Rosa 235 attached and detached SFD and MFD
The Burbank, Santa Rosa 26 condominiums and 600 SF office, Santa Rosa
Bridgetrail 58 SFD and second units
Humboldt Apartments, Santa Rosa 52 low-income apartments and 2509 SF office space
Museum on the Square 5 story commercial lease space
North McDowell Commons 34 SFD and attached homes