Museum on the Square


Hugh Futrell Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of the long-awaited, transformative Museum on the Square project located at Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa.  

Museum on the Square is the home of Luther Burbank Savings, The California Wine Museum, TLCD Architecture and other tenants. This project is a renovation of a former 100,000-square-foot AT&T switching station into a cultural and business hub for Santa Rosa.

The California Wine Museum will house one of the world's finest collections of winery and vineyard artifacts, implements, photographs and objects and will draw thousands of visitors downtown Santa Rosa and the property. 

Additional team members in the renovation included local firms MKM & Associates (structural engineers), Carlile Macy (Civil Engineers), Quadriga Landscape Architecture & Planning (landscape architect), TLCD (project architect), Costa Engineering (mechanical engineering), Gilleran Energy (energy consultation) and Suite 16 Electrical Engineering (electrical engineer).

To inquire about availability, please call 707-568-3482 xt 116 or email request. 


First Floor - Restaurant/ Retail Availability